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Thursday, 12 September 2013


A new light weight 50 litre (or thereabouts) bergan

Currently the big bergan position is held by a berghaus number with a fancy back system, very nice, very comfortable but to heavy for a long multi day wander. I love osprey bags and currently have 3 on the go, but just up too 33ltr. Initially they were my choice to supply the new bigger lightweight one, but after hours of research I've added the montane grand tour 55 into the mix, I have a soft spot for montane clothing and their forays into the rucksack world have been getting good reviews. That, the price and the "not as common on the hill"  factor have combined to push it into the lead for the honour of carrying my freeze dried hard boiled eggs.

A new lightweight tent 1, maybe 2 person (weight and price dependent). 

Usual story, Haven't got a clue here really, price dictates it wont be one of them fancy Ackto's unfortunately, would really like the tarptent 1, but again cost and the import hassle might be the dampener on that one, the terra nova laser competition looks decent and can be picked up at a bit more realistic price and maybe even its cheaper clone.  Although i really should pay heed to the buy cheap, buy twice adage, ive been caught out often enough. More thought  required on this one I think

As lightweight and compressible as i can afford sleeping bag

Again I don't really have a starting point, cozy from April to September in the Scottish hills, packs small and weighs little , down or not? As before I've spent hours reviewing, reading and researching and I'm still no further forward, the current position of "sleeping bag to the virgin" is held by the biggest waste of hard earned pounds possible, a spur of the moment whim that went wrong.

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