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Monday, 14 October 2013

INOV 8 Recolite 190

For the last year or two I've been craving some after hike footwear, i was often coming off the hill after a long day and driving home in bare feet, to be honest its not so bad, but then when passing the Ballater chipper it would mean more faffing about getting the boots back on,  (the law states that you must stop at the ballater chipper for a white pudding supper after hiking the east cairngorms).
     Flip flops are fine in good weather for scuddging about but are worse than bare feet for driving in,  I've also never really been much of a trainer person, so recently after a couple of very long and bloody hot days i started to put a bit more effort into finding an answer, first off I discovered that its actually quite a common whinge and recovery shoes seems to be the moniker given rather than after hike shoes.  Google is my friend (what ever happened to the other search engines?) and a quick search threw up some options, as luck would have it, sport persuit were doing a INOV 8 sale at the tine and the Recolite 190s were available and dully purchased at a decent price.
    A wee while down the line, and after my initial "WTF" are these moment i have decided that they are exactly what i needed, initially they were a bit of a scutter to get on, especially at the heel, but after a couple of wears that has eased up, now I find them to be really comfy, last week i took them to the Greek island of Paxos and actually wore them while wandering along the donkey paths and cliff tracks, they performed brilliantly,  I'm that happy with them that I reckon next year they will get a run out while munro bashing and not just the driving home/recovery shoe.
    If I wear the recovery shoes all day, what do I wear to recover??????

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