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Friday, 18 October 2013

Ive been trying to get a pair of "non waterproof" shoes/trainers/hikers for a while, amazing how hard that was. Anyway I eventually settled on the Salomon eskape aero, I already have a couple of other Salomon boots that i really like, so that went quite a way towards picking these, in the end it came down to a straight shoot out between these and a pair of merrell.
    Initial thoughts are that they are very comfortable, as expected really.  I was initially worried about the heel depth being quite shallow,  im not used to shoes as everything from my work to leisure wear is in some sort of boot form. But after wearing them for three days those fears have been allayed.  I like the mesh, its sort of similar to the adidas climacool running shoes, theres no suede (one of the reasons I took these over the merrells, hopefully that allows them to drain off quickly. Im going to wear them a lot over the winter,  get them really broken in and comfy then try and utilise them as my main tabbing shoe next year, More to follow....

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  1. Probably done 150/200 miles in them now, they always feel a tadge tight when I first put them on, but once settled there really comfy. Havent had a single blister (think decent socks and the gehwol help mind). Got soaked through after a daft bit of route planning, initially freezing (Scottish hill water :-)) but when back on dry ish land they released the water and continued to let it seep out as I walked, a huge change from flooded boots. They do fibe on scree and boulders but I did do some bambi on ice impressions while walking alond an icy road one morning

    Overall, very happy with them