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Sunday, 10 November 2013

The search for a new tent continues, initially id decided cheap is good and was happy enough with a zephyros, eventually sense prevailed and I remembered how often ive been stung with the buy cheap, buy twice adage.
   So I then went to the other end of the scale deciding that an Atko was the answer, great reviews, in fact fantastic reviews, but something still niggles about it, I have the same "anti" problem that I have with apple owners, so far up their own backsides they can inspect their own fillings. So thats it, I'm getting down with the real people and getting a lazer instead, definitely, maybe, ok maybe not today its all change again, ive now decided I really really want a scarp 1

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  1. We have touchdown, tarptent scarp 1, delivered from the states within 13 days of being ordered, brilliant service. And only 36 quid import tax at this end. Must be be Christmas ho ho ho