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Sunday, 1 December 2013

Due to allsorts of circumstances its been a pretty barron last 3 months when it comes to wanders  the year started really well with every weekend being spent up a buffalo or two, even managed a week up around cape wrath and a long weekend around Aberfeldy. But other priorities took a front seat and as a consequence the fitness has suffered. Only five months to the challenge so this morning it was on with the bergan and around the 4 1/2 circuit in front of the house.

    I really enjoyed it, came across 5 Roe, a couple of engleesh eagles and another hawk that I couldn't id and some rather tubby pheasants, the weather turned very pleasant,  a bit of a biting wind but my new favourite craft gloves (with wind mitten bitty) soon had the hands right toasty. Should have taken the house keys though, got home to an empty and locked abode, everyone had headed off to the big city. Schoolboy error and lesson learned.

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