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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Kit Packed, Train tickets found, lift to station being worked on

Thats it all done, packed.

Spent most of the day, weighing, charging, folding and packing, quite a few changes to my initial kit list, added a t shirt and an extra pair of paramo boxers (a three pair hiker, pure luxury man)

Ive been walking with between 15kg and 17kg for the last 5 months, so a bit of a bonus to get a weight of 14.2 with 3 days food, 7 days of brew kit and about 30 days worth of snacks. 

Train fae Aberdeen the morn with all routes leading to any bar selling draft guiness in Mallaig, then the holidays start in earnest.......


  1. Looks like a good 3kg of your pack was made up of sausage ! You were still tucking into them over a week later at Shelin of Mark.
    Great photos, really enjoying the write up.

    1. Ha, im thinking of getting richmonds to sponsor my future travels (as long as its not the skinless irish ones), im glad you commented John, I couldn't track your blog down, it looks ace