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Monday, 5 May 2014

Last Hurrah

Final TGO Challenge build up today, I had only planned to wander up to Charr bothy, have a brew and wander back to the car

At the bothy I was feeling good, had all day, so just kept walking, took a right turn and climbed up to the Cairn of Finglenny. I actually had an ulterior motive for being in the area,  hopefully geocashers dont come across any South African pinotage that might be quite handy for my 12th night.

Looking over towards the new windfarm (Mill Hill I think?) in the Fetteresso,  I'll have to slightly adjust a route because of it, but I'm not envisaging any massive drama with that

View over to Clachnaben

 View from the top of Clachnaben,  bloody windy

 Heading down and looking back

 Plenty of this over the last two winters

Cracking route out


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. I'll see you in Mallaig, then
    All the very best of luck with your crossing.
    (I deleted the first comment as it made absolutely no bl**dy sense whatsoever. But then, What does, eh?)

  3. Thank you very much Alan, the holiday starts here...