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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Visit Scotland, See the Sights (or sites as its becoming)

I love Scotland, there’s no two ways about it, for me its the carlsberg Maccallan of countries, im also a rabid nationalist and proud owner of a natty wee yes badge, so Che McGuevara it is.

Warning political rant starts
For me I see no point at all in a country being managed by another, you wouldn't give your monthly budget to your next door neighbour and rely on them to manage your household, would you?
Political rant ends

But, the current policies regarding the industrial destruction of the most beautiful wild lands in the world really does question my blind loyalty to our political masters

This wee post was inspired by stumbling upon this informative site visitscotland windfarms  please give it a visit and support if your of the same opinion, if not its still worth the read

If truth be told, although i dont believe the ridiculous propaganda in relation to their output, I personally dont really mind them in the right place, between Aberdeen and Huntly there's loads of them along side the main road, its farm land anyway. But please leave the great wilderness areas alone.


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