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Monday, 1 December 2014


The Brief

We hadn't planned on starting training until May 1st 2015, but sometimes plans change, we've decided that Team Mactoogle will now do some spur of the moment  acclimatisation training. 


120+ year old stone cottage on the side of a bare arsed hill in rural Aberdeenshire,


Standard Aberdeenshire December weather.

Phase 1

 Ensure boiler packs in mid winter

Phase 2

Kick boiler endlessly,  switch off, switch on, switch off, count to 300, switch on, curse loudly and kick boiler once more, curse in foreign language, kick boiler a couple more times, splint toes, curse, slam door and sit down in a huff because your boiler repair programme hasn't quite worked

Phase 3

Call around and confirm that no clever expensive chaps (or chapess) will be available to have a "look at it" until at least friday, thus ensuring a further five days of misery training.

Phase 4 
(Advanced Students only)

The Bath

Global warming isn't happening quick enough roubd these parts.

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