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Sunday, 11 January 2015


Day 4 
familiar ground for the first couple of miles, hopefully the new hydro workings are done/hidden at both ends of todays route, the track from Trieg to Ossian was a bit horrible underfoot last year.

Day 5
 Word on the street, not the most exciting lochside walk. Anyway, halfway, well the A9 Not really looking forward to accommodating here, might push on or stop short. Although a fat boys fry up would be fine.

Day 6
Another day covering new ground,  looking forward to it, heading north for a couple of days, a night on the lash and a bit of jigging in Aviemore as a reward though.

Day 7
Hopefully a very pleasant wander through the woods in glorious sunshine, appearing fine and early in Aviemore for fine food and wine, maybe even a shower and clean pants (only if required)

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