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Monday, 12 January 2015


Day 8
Clean pants, a longish day and hopefully reasonably fresh, scope for brunch before heading back into the ulu after Loch Morlich, I learnt how to do an eskimo roll here 28 years ago, It was a bit chilly tbh. 

Day 9
Familiar ground for me, new ground for the boss, last year I watched a pair of sea eagles in here for about half an hour, would love to see them again. Fantastic walking and should be a grand walk, especially with the lovely day thats been forecast

Day 10
Downhill to Ballater, reasonably easy, pleasant walking so there should be a skip to our step, probably stripped down to shorts, vest and knotted hankies,  with liberal quantities of sunscreen splashed all over. Another hotel night with an evening in the barrel.

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