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Sunday, 30 March 2014

A bit of a blow out on the Scarp 1 the other week, the wind was reported as gusts of 111mph about 8 miles north (cairngorm top  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-highlands-islands-26575896 ) from where I was camped.  It was certainly the windiest ive ever been out in and in hindsight I made a wise decision to stay down in the glens. Even then it was a night where the pegs were being pulled, I awoke when the fly started beating me about the head, I actually thought the worst, but on inspection it was a case of the guys slipping and the pegs being completely ripped out, a quick hunt in the dark and a couple of house sized rocks were sourced and promtly deposited on top of the pegs, problem solved, although I just couldn't get the corner stays to sit as they should.

The door was also blown open twice and that was with the little securing clip fastened,  luckily I had previously put paracord loops on the zips as pulls and was able to use them and  peg the door shut/down.

My seam sealing seems to have worked fine though

A couple of days later and back home I set the tent up to dry and change a couple of guys, I noticed the corner stays were still looking a bit out of shape,  on further examination I presumed the inner pole had burst through the sleeve

A quick stitch hopefully fixes it, I sewed the whole hole thing up before realising that there is actually a gap at the bottom of every sleeve, presumably to allow the poles to be replaced/removed, i put a couple of stiches in each one to hopefully stop the problem re occurring.

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