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Monday, 31 March 2014

Sair feet no more

I did the Maud to Peterhead spur of the Buchan and Formartine way last week with about 15kg on my back, I don't know what I did but as soon as I stopped the soles of my feet felt like id been beaten by bamboo canes, the next day was even worse, it was a good two or three days before it improved.
The pain seemed to be mainly around  the outer edge (outsole???).  That's twice this has happened now, different boots each time, once while up the proper hills and once on a long hard flat walk, I'm blaming the socks, anyway lots of Gehwol and baths during the week but I still thought it better to give the walking a break for a few days, so i never got out this weekend (drank guiness, G&T and red wine instead)

Stunning weather (again) today so after I passed a rigorous late fitness test I took advantage of it and did a quick 3 mile circuit around white cow wood, up near Mintlaw in Aberdeenshire with 17.5kg on,

  I had planned to go a bit further,  but decided halfway round just to do the first loop and let the feet off as ive got a big weekend planned....

A bit more evidence of the some of the mad winds we've had this year, quite a lot of trees down over the track that weren't down last month. 

Looking away NE towards Crimond and Fraserburgh

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