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Sunday, 30 March 2014


My current selection of footwear (yes I know they need cleaning), but what pair is the question?

I think the Salomon boots are excellent when going up and down big hills, I dont think they are so great on long flat stretches.

The Salomon shoes are comfortable both going up and down and on the flat, they have been worn more than anything else this past winter, but they're not waterproof.

The Brasher boots are like slippers, they were once waterproof but aren't anymore, although ive just started using dubin (blast from the past) so they might be ok for puddles, the soles are going flat but i love them, comfort personified.

Wear the shoe and go down the wet route, wear the big boot and hope the water doesn't get in and put up with comfort issues on long flat sections. Or the old faithfuls, all comfort but suffer with water ingress (probably)

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