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Monday, 19 December 2016

My standard packing list

I pretty much pack the same stuff, no matter if its one or fifteen nights, even on day hikes I often carry the same pack, it keeps me pack fit (maybe!!!). On the odd occasion I only take a day sack, I feel naked. Below is a kit list from a recent 5 day walk up the WHW and a bimble on the Kintyre Way (Kintyre way by far the better walk)

I use Lighterpack.com to plan my loads, a really spot on site, unfortunately I can't figure out how to display the list on this blog, so I've resorted to good old fashioned screenshots, sorry.

I rekon I could lighten the load slightly,

Get rid of sleeping bag stuff sack, but it rains now and then in Scotland, and I'm a bit paranoid about getting it damp/wet. Something to ponder though.

Dump the pillow, No chance, i love it

Dump some stuff sacks,  possibly.

Lighter bergan and sleeping bag, possible but i love them both and can't really justify/afford to change them for a gram or 500

Smaller power pack? Possibly but the EasyAcc keeps my phone going for a week easily.

Drill holes in my spoon, nah, yer ok.

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