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Monday, 26 December 2016

WHW Apr 16, Day 3 - Beinglas farm to Tyndrum (12 miles)

Day 3
Day 3 - Beinglas farm to Tyndrum

An overcast morning with a bit of drizzle today, once I was packed and ready to go I nipped into the bar for a bacon roll and coffee, a good start to any day.

The original plan for day three should have been to walk from a wild camp at Caliness to Auchtertyre camp site, around about 16/17 miles, but I  was quite a few miles ahead of schedule and Auchtertyre was only about 10 miles away, either a short day or push through to either Tyndrum or Bridge of Orchy, decisions, decisions.

The first mile or so after the farm were nice going, a very slight incline and the weather seemed to be improving, as you move up the glen the busy main road on the other side gradually gets closer and you become a lot more aware of it.

Not long into the trip there was a section with detours. (around about the Falls of Falloch) I think it was something to do with a hydro build, but TBH I was paying more attention to the path as it was a bit confusing, a lot of the signs and safety tape had been blown over, I could see the end of the detour and I ended up just going straight for it, no one seemed to care.

Looking back,  after a steady climb, the road on the other side of the glen can just be made out in the trees.

Top of the first climb and a good view ahead, nothing strenuous and a nice early leg stretch to get warmed up, there is another short climb around about Derrydaroch (more Hydro works here, but not on the track this time)

another mile or so and you cross a bridge and start walking on the north bank, the path here goes alongside the river and through areas with livestock, they were friendly

Route ahead

where we've been

And just around the corner

You reach the railway underpass, the photo doesn't do it justice, it is really quite low at the other end, especially with a bergan on. Normally I would have taken the bag off and dragged it through, but the cows obviously use the tunnel as a shelter and it was thick with mud and stuff....

After the underpass there's a short 100 meter or so section of old tarmac, then you go under the main road (A82) via a big, purpose built tunnel. Almost immediately there's a short but steep scramble up a wee hill to join the old military road that contours the hill for a mile or so, in some places it's very good going, in others it's a bit of a bog fest, especially around a couple of gates you need to pass through.

It's not the most unpleasant of walks though, and after the first 5 minutes your well away from the road, so its peace and quiet again. The track eventually reaches a viewing area and track junction. If you turn right (east) and go down through the woods for half a mile you would find yourself in Crianlarich, handy if you wanted to resupply, stay over or even bail out. There's a train station for the west coast line and quite a regular bus service.

 View back down, the path is slightly better the further up you go. Roughly down where the trees are, there was a section that you basically had to scale along the wall, ala spiderman for 20/30 feet to keep out of a huge puddle/mud bath, this is April, it's still a tadge wet, summer/3rd week in July should be a lot better...

 Crianlarich is directly through the trees and down in the glen

Looking back down to the view point/track junction, the WHW comes in from the right, the Crianlarich path is the one that disappears into the woods. I had a slight misjudgement here, I thought that was the top of the climb, turns out there was still a good steep section still to go

The top and mair dubs

After reaching the top, you spend the next hour or so winding your way back down (and up, often) towards the road, your in the woods the whole way, some of the downs are steep, as are some of the ups, but they're all short and sharp and its not to unpleasant.

After re-crossing the A82 follow the path across a field or two and onto a bridge over the river Fillan.

Easy walking on a farm track from the river soon brings you to Auchtertyre, camping, wee trolls houses and a well stocked shop here, initially i had planned to stop here but as per every day so far, it was just a bit to early. i did stop for a bacon roll and coffee though. I sat in the sun eating and in no particular hurry, but the wind was quite cold so i didn't take as long chilling as i wanted.

wee bird mooching for crumbs

yet another crossing of the A82 soon after leaving Auchtertyre, and your soon walking alongside the river Fillan again

i presume a previous WHW walker lost his sword here, pretty careless

how do you loose a sword in a loch.

not long after the loch, i arrived in Tyndrum, quite a busy wee place, loads of camp sites, hotels and those wee hut things for dwarfs.

I nipped into the pub/hotel for a Guinness,or three and decided to have a meal as well, very nice it was too. the walking was obviously done for the day so i headed off to get the head down.

not the worst of days walking ever, pretty short section for me, there had been some nice bits, some too near road bits and a couple of nice snack stop bits.

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