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Monday, 21 April 2014

Bennachie Revisited

Its fine and handy for offvthe cuff tabbing, just a we scoot along the road, park up and a quick 7 miles in the sun.

No advesre effects from the Friday/Saturday jaunt,  so with the weather again being rather bloody good I headed off, it was a bit to busy for my liking, (i forgot it was a holiday). I bet there was a few people up there today wishing they had taken a bottle of water though, bet there's also a few who will wake up tomorrow wishing they hadn't gone up, fairly passed some states. Disgusting amount of dog shit over every path, utter utter inconsiderate minks. I feel sorry for wee bairns out on an adventure  getting clarted in the bloody stuff.

 A Robin, wondered where they all disappeared to between festive seasons.

 Agh, must be that way to the hill

Could be on the right path

 Looking good

 Looks like a hill right enough.

 The top, didnt go right up, it was mobbed and it won't have changed much since last month

The way down, only 20 days to go until the big one.. ...

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