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Sunday, 13 April 2014

Food for Wandering

Ive never been much of a dried food fan, I know the weight savings can be huge but i find boil in the bag suits my needs just dandy, laziness probably has a lot to do with that if we're being entirely honest........ 

A recent selection of 3 days food, breakfast (various variations of beans and sausage),  lunch (tuna and frankfurters) and supper (chicken tika, Thai green chicken curry and pork curry nepalese style),  plus sundries, I usually supplement this stuff with a few extra swedgers as well, snickers being a favourite,  ive recently discovered the delights of the double snickers, i do like to sneak the odd can/bottle of diet coke in as well, it gives a great end of day boost.

For brews I usually carry enough for 4 coffees and two teas a day, I have two with breakfast and two in the evening and sometimes a midday treat, that leaves a spare for guests. Since this picture was taken ive started stripping the wee sachets down into little ziploc bags as I was ending up carrying to much rubbish

No, its not a well known brand of columbian marching powder that's recently been washed up on the shore, its that equally well known stimulant,  soup. When i do use some of the lighter foodstuffs I split three packets of cup a soup (tomato or mushroom), into two, a cup and half soup fits well in my mug. I'm quite partial to a very hot/spicy Korean noodle soup that Asda stocks and their own label mushroom and chicken flavour pasta is decent as well, although it needs two for a decent meal. 

Fresh is best though, can't beat a nice steak,  on a roll with mustard (handy wee sachets donated by your local pub grub supplier..........), rump steak, lamb steaks, bacon, eggs and sausages are fantastic alfresco foods, try not to squash the rolls though, i should heed that advice too.

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