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Sunday, 13 April 2014

Planned Kit list for TGO Challenge 2014

Certainly not light, but probably half of what I've spent most of my life lugging around on my back. There's still a few things that might yet be dumped or swapped, So there is still some scope to maybe go a wee bitty lighter yet, this is what ive been carrying around for the last couple of months so I am reasonably happy with it.  I initially aimed to get down below 12kg base weight and seem to be on target for that. Pretty happy so far anyway.

Boots/shoes (Solomon Eskape)--------------------------------  822
Socks (Dalgren alpaca dri stride)-------------------------------  76
Liner socks (fox river)------------------------------------------  23
Trousers (Montane terra pants + belt)--------------------------  361
Pants (ExOfficio give-n-go Boxer Briefs------------------------  71
Merino base layer (Redram)-----------------------------------  259
Softshell (Patagonia)------------------------------------------  532
Jacket (Marmot Cerro Torre )----------------------------------  670
Beanie (Arcteryx)----------------------------------------------  58
Buff-----------------------------------------------------------  37
Sun Glasses (LOL)--------------------------------------------- 43
Dog Tags------------------------------------------------------ 15
Walking Poles (Lekki) + wrap tape-----------------------------  631
TOTAL WEIGHT CLOTHING-------------------------------------  3598

Gloves/wind Mitts (Kraft)--------------------------------------  65
Camera + sp bty (olympus u840)------------------------------- 160
Phone in w/proof packet--------------------------------------- 156
Wallet---------------------------------------------------------  58
Camera Pouch------------------------------------------------- 31
Map (trimmed & in ziploc bag )---------------------------------  57
Chap Stick----------------------------------------------------- 11
TOTAL WEIGHT IN POCKETS------------------------------------- 538

Montane Grand Tour 55------------------------------------------  1290

Sub Total----------------------------------------------------------  1290
ON BERGAN (Straps & Waistbelt Pockets)
Compass (Silva)--------------------------------------------------   38
Knife/Handy tool--------------------------------------------------  49
Water bottle (Camelback)(Empty)----------------------------------  101
Water To Go Bottle (Empty)----------------------------------------  155
Specs and hard case----------------------------------------------  65
Head Torch (Petzl Tikka XP2)--------------------------------------  87
Lighter------------------------------------------------------------  13

Sub Total------------------------------------------------------------  508                          

IN BERGAN  (Accomodation)
Tarptent Scarp 1 (6 easton + 4 v pegs)----------------------------- 1553
Sleeping bag (Rab Ascent 700) + silk liner-------------------------  1636
Sleeping Mat (PO Ether Elite)--------------------------------------  407
Pillow------------------------------------------------------------  191
Sit Mat (Exped)---------------------------------------------------  129
J Cloth 1/4-------------------------------------------------------  10

Sub Total-----------------------------------------------------------  3926

IN BERGAN  (Kitchen)
Cooker (Kovea Spider)--------------------------------------------  182
Gas (full 100g) X2------------------------------------------------   400
Windsheild (home made) + wee clip-------------------------------  41
Pot (Alpkit MytiPot) with frying pan lid-----------------------------  154
Insulated Cup (GSI Infinity 400ml) with 3 days brew kit------------   217
Platapus 2lt (empty until required)--------------------------------   42
Diggers (Sea to Summit long handled spoon)---------------------   12
Scotchbrite-------------------------------------------------------  7
J Cloth 1/4-------------------------------------------------------  6
Lighter-----------------------------------------------------------  13
Velcro Strap------------------------------------------------------  8
Wee bottle Olive Oil-----------------------------------------------  45
Wee bottle Fairy Liquid-------------------------------------------   46
Wee bottle Tobbasco Sauce--------------------------------------   45
Salt & Pepper thing-----------------------------------------------  25

Sub Total----------------------------------------------------------- 1243

IN BERGAN  (Clothing)
Goretex trousers (Mountain Equipment)--------------------------  218
Down jacket (Marmot Ama Dablam) + Alpkit bag-----------------   689
Goretex mitts (Sealskins)----------------------------------------  159
Spare Base layer top (Red Ram Merino zip neck)-----------------   279
Long Johns x 1 (Patagonia)--------------------------------------  192
Spare socks x 1 (Dalgren Alpaca)--------------------------------   58
Spare Liner socks x 1(fox river)----------------------------------   23
Spare pants x 1 Army Issue--------------------------------------  83
Spare trousers (Rohan)------------------------------------------  361
Cap (Fjallraven)--------------------------------------------------  71
Camp Shoe (North Face Nuptse mules)---------------------------  236
Extra Buff--------------------------------------------------------  37
Stuff Sack x 1(8L)------------------------------------------------  32

Sub Total----------------------------------------------------------  2438

IN BERGAN  (Hygene)
Towel (Sea to Summit + net)--------------------------------------  119
Tooth brush/paste-----------------------------------------------   25
Soap Flakes------------------------------------------------------  14
Shaving flakes---------------------------------------------------   14
Razor------------------------------------------------------------   38
Mirror------------------------------------------------------------  18
Trowel-----------------------------------------------------------   51
Toilet Roll (+ Alcohol Gel + lighter in sealed bag)-------------------  165
Gehwol Foots Creams x2------------------------------------------  140
Vaseline (for the Baws)--------------------------------------------  46
Stuff Sack (2L)----------------------------------------------------   23

Sub Total-----------------------------------------------------------  653

IN BERGAN  (Random Stuff)
Rain cover for bergan (use osprey one)-----------------------------  96
First aid kit (Pills, Ticks and Cuts)----------------------------------  420
Repair Kit in Alpkit 2lt stuff sack------------------------------------ 245
Remaining Maps (1.50. Cut Down)---------------------------------  220
USB wall plug-----------------------------------------------------  47
Emergency phone charger +usb cable X 2-------------------------   325
Kindle (in waterproof bag)-----------------------------------------  261
Spare Bty Phone --------------------------------------------------  30
Spare Bty Camera-------------------------------------------------  15
Stuff sack (Alpkit 4LT)---------------------------------------------  18

Sub Total------------------------------------------------------------  1677

Sub Total Bergan---------------------------------------------------------   1290 
Sub Total On Bergan------------------------------------------------------   508
Sub Total Accomodation--------------------------------------------------   3926
Sub Total Kitchen---------------------------------------------------------   1243
Sub Total Clothing--------------------------------------------------------   2438
Sub Total Hygene---------------------------------------------------------   653
Sub Total Random--------------------------------------------------------   1677
TOTAL WEIGHT (without Food and Water)----------------------------------    11735

Repair Kit contents Complete---------------------------------------  221
Comprises of
Alpkit 2LT stuff sack-----------------------------------------------  23
Spare Titanium  pegs x 2------------------------------------------   30
Puri Tabs X 10 ----------------------------------------------------  2
Spare buckle and clip----------------------------------------------  14
Film canister------------------------------------------------------- 6
Mini cylumes x10--------------------------------------------------  4
Waterproof matches-----------------------------------------------  6
Emergency cylume------------------------------------------------  43
Housewife---------------------------------------------------------  3
Lighter plus sniper tape--------------------------------------------  20
Paracord 1.5mm---------------------------------------------------  14
AAA batteries X 4--------------------------------------------------  46
Mattress and Seat repair kit----------------------------------------- 9
Ear Buds/Plugs X 3 ------------------------------------------------  1  
First Aid kit contents complete--------------------------------------  420
Comprises of
Alpkit 4LT stuff sack-----------------------------------------------  18
Sun Cream--------------------------------------------------------  58
Midge Rep----------------------------------------------------- ---  71

One or two items to add, nothing major just few small bits and bobs, theres also a couple of things in there that I will be able to make a fraction lighter prior to the off (sun cream and midge rep), Pity the sleeping bag is so heavy, but I do like it, its toasty and I can't afford the same warmth in a lighter bag.

Initially I had Inov8 Recolite 190s as a camp shoe, but ive swapped them out for the north face Nuptse mules, in the main because the Inov8s are a right pain in the arse to get on in a tent/generally, the change knocked off 210g, major bonus. I have a pair of speedo pool shoes for river crossings but I think im going to gamble and leave them.

Ive also dropped a montane lite speed wind shirt as I really like my patagonia softshell and didnt see the point of them both, that could change yet.

Finally settled on the Alpkit MytiPot after a selection process thats involved the MytiMug (to small for boil in the bags and no frypan lid) and the primus Litech Trek Kettle (frypan lid far to small and generally to small for boil in the bags). Im quite partial to a fresh breakfast if possible,  so the frying pan is quite important to me,  bacon and eggs in the morning and maybe a lamb or rump steak for supper (any fool can live on dried nuts and musli :-)) The MytiPot is spot on for holding the cooker, a gas canister, brew kit and some other wee bits, it also saves me a couple of hundred grams on the frying pan I often carried around.

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