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Monday, 21 April 2014

Red deer starving to death they say.........

I've heard about deer being found starved to death before, and often hear of the need for mass culls as there's to many deer for the available real estate, thats fair enough but how many estates are actually fencing off hundreds (thousands?) of square miles of hill to keep deer out
This fence stretched for mile upon mile upon mile, just to keep deer out, I wonder if they have fitted the grouse with little zappers that give them "bloody what for"  if they have the misfortune of flying over it the wrong way.

The same fence about five or six miles away, the sheer scale of it took me by surprise to be honest

 Same estate,  another motorway for gout ridden beasts that struggle to walk the length of themselves under construction,  dont know why they dont just all line up in a handy estate garden, while some lackey releases a bird every 30 seconds or so, maybe two at a time for the more adventurous, save a load of effort, time and money, maybe add swivel seats which ones man could turn in the right direction for each bird. Grouse shooting for dummies

 Bloody trees are a nuisance as well, get rid. 

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