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Sunday, 27 April 2014

Pretty Bloody Obvious Really

I've never claimed to be the brightest of sparks, so I rekon I can be excused the odd idiot moment. 
But just the other day I was reading a really good blog with someone's TGOC 2014 gear list and I noticed that they carried only one 230g or 250g bottle. I picked up on the difference in weight as I'm basically carrying 400g for two full 100g canisters, where as just the one 230g cannister comes in at a measly 356g.

I have pretty much have always carried two 100g gas cannisters in my bergan, one on and one spare and Tbh other than that I've barely given much thought to the weights and price etc. I think the 100g cannister habit stems from my previous constant usage of a jetboil cooker where it fits inside the pot just grand. 

These days I favour a wee Kovea spider so there's not really the same russian doll system to manage, although I do like the fact that I can fit a 100g cannister into an Alpkit MytiPot with the cooker and a multitude of other little catering necessities, but thats not a deal breaker as the spare cannister had always just been stuffed in the bergan anyway. 

 Even better news, the two 100g cans cost roughly £4.00 each, while one 230g can costs about a pound more, So taking one larger can will give me an extra 30g of gas, save me 50g in weight and definitely more important to an Aberdonian, its 3 quid cheaper.
The only very slight downside,  previously when a cannister ran out, I knew to go and get another and it was easy enough always carrying a spare, with the bigger cannister its to much weight (and slight overkill) to have a spare, might have to instigate some sort of weighing regime so I have a rough idea how many days I have left.

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